Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maybe if u felt how was it like to be in my shoes you wouldnt be like that to me. If only u weren't this way now, If only fair was inside this equation, if only i'd had the guts to look straight into your eyes telling you what the heck do u want. I just cant, this happened way back then. Long story short, bad experience. So i cant be able to fix such fragile thing, not that i didnt want to, its delicate so much so im afraid im going to break it. From me to u, this feeling sucks, i swore never to be that way anymore and guess coming in here just made whole new shitty situation. One time your like this and another time ur so cold.

If only we talked about it. Literally real talk.
Maybe if only.

Take care and study well.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yeap, shes gon' to Taiwan to study. See u soon!

And yes, i think i kinda pissed the other one off, although u said u've put the incident behind. I swear, it wasnt intentionally, prolly words of impulse, even accumulated thoughts blurted out to a friend,but heck how can i not feel that way if you're constantly so together with them? And with the confession you had in the car during the trip? Whatever i did to help or whatever it was from pure sincerity and nth was out of guilt incase ur wondering. Its just one of those things if u dont say, u keep thinking of it, u say it and ur in deepshit. Maybe its me, im the problem. I was really so fucking sorry and u know it.

"Stop thinking so much and u will be less screwed"

When its wrong, it gets right. Ive seen a friend having problems like that and the aftermath wasnt pleasant at all. Now i have the least favour when it comes to things like these. Please, dont let it be that way.

Forgive and forget.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eung Jeon "snaking" here reporting to you from the concierge desk. Last day baby. =)


Happy Birthday Fatty! (KTW)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ahh yes, everyones prepared (not all ) for tmrw's big day. Kept promising myself i have to go visit wanling before the madness begins, which was what i did today. =)

A surprise visit for that fella and boy was she surprised. Its suppose to be some random outing with angie, her bf and john as well.

She came out looking ternganga like that and then we pretended not knowing her while both the boys, doing some gay stuff ;

Checking out jell'o cakes!!!


on the left is YK, angie's man and right side is John. He's available ladies. Mau?

And of course, we proceeded inside the resto and she served us XD. U have no idea how quick i had to snap a pic of her, if her boss' saw what happened not nice la right? Lookie! how cute she is! I swear that i just snapped the pic instantly, SEMPAT SENYUM!

She recommended some green tea ice kacang, topped with vanilla flavoured icecream. Its aight only overall. For rm12. Ouch. Not advisable for diabetic patients.

Not to mention its gay enough already for u guys to check out and talk bout jell'o cakes, but talking bout the menu together laughing *cold shiver*


Sigh, we said our goodbyes and left the premises. =( Catch up with u again sometime babe.

Remember when i said i had a one day trip to malacca with christina and her younger bro to give a surprise to uher and serene etc? It was within this week.

One of Malacca's proudest Tan Kim Hock. Its taken when we're stuck in the jam JUST to go all the way to meet up with the gang.

Christina's younger bro XD

If u notice the red sign board, already a restricted area Christina still wants to go in. Christina if ur seeing this, Shutup =P

For dinner we went for some satay thingie, Malaccans fave. Damn it, missed out a group photo. Too bad.

Much neeeded workout with friends on thursday, Mr Kung was there. XD Funny guy.

If u can see the girl on the left side, shes so cute u noe, petite size and carry such a HUGE badminton bag. haha.

Ok, seriously guys take care during ur training. Best of luck. Gonna have to pick Carol up tmrw morning. X.X

Good night.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What was i up to for the pass few days after Finals :
Serious shopping with Angie.
Hana's open house during Raya.
Off to Malacca with Christina, Youhe and the gang (not to mention, thank u ah ling for letting me crash at ur pad for an uninvited party the day before. )

Sorry la i took u around Seremban for the whole hour for no reason. We're cool right? =)

Tubby, come visit me when im doing my IT!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

101th Post...

...is where i talk bout my LAST EVER lunch service right here in LCS before moving over to new campus. Sigh. Am going to miss hell loads of people before going off for about 2 1/2 months. Work your asses off for that time and by the time we come back, im going to give u guys a BIG HUG. Hugs for everyone =D
EH FATTY! I THINK I SAW UR DAD MINUM TEH WITH HIS FRIEND LA! IM SERIOUS! Sorry macha, no pics because u know my phone la now...=)

Sorry christina i made u eat the douk leg, if u dont want to eat it dont eat it la, im REALLY OK with it. Thanks for coming tho.

De-briefing session, YOU were so cute la telling us u got our backs . Aw...and so everything went smoothly. My legs are freaking tired. Needs foot massage. REAL BAD.

Yip Wan Ling, where the hell are u??


Monday, August 17, 2009

Days swiftly come and go
I'm dreaming of him
He's seeing other girls
Emotions they stir
The sun is gone
The nights are long
And I am left while the tears fall
Did you think that I would cryOn the phone?
Do you know what it feels likeBeing alone?
I'll find someone new
Swing, swing, swing From the tangles ofMy heart is crushed
By a former love
Can you help me find a wayTo carry on again?
Dreams cast into the sky I'm moving on
Sweet beginnings do arise He knows I was wrong
The notes are old They bend, they fold
And so do I to a new love
Did you think that I would cryOn the phone?
Do you know what it feels likeBeing alone(esp when its without u)?I'll find someone new
Swing, swing, swing From the tangles ofMy heart is crushed By a former love
Can you help me find a wayTo carry on again?
Bury me(You thought your problems were gone)
Carry me(Away, away, away)Swing, swing, swing From the tangles ofMy heart is crushed By a former love
Can you help me find a wayTo carry on again?

Something to ponder...

Friday, July 24, 2009

i dont fall for people easily but if i were to baby, u would be too perfect for me to screw this up.



Friday, July 17, 2009


im dyingggggggggggggg to know...

miss suite.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today is my birthday , happy birthday to myself =)
Without any reason , i quite like my birthday's date [ 15/7]
Thank for the wishes from all my beloved friend .

Hope everything will be fine .


Have a good intro here , Khalil Fong , the soul boy , His new album will be coming soon .
His music is attractive , and it is so amazing .
Have a hear for his album [ Classical ~ 碦拉时刻 ]. ^^

p/s : Happy belated to Khalil oso , his birthday was yesterday .

PAN EU JUN , You have not wish me happy birthday !

( You know i almost forget the username and the password . XD )
Coffee aftermath is nuts im telling u. For me laaaaaaa. Whole body goes haywire. Sweating, heart pounding like mad. ITs crazy! Luckily i talked to u. =) and u are my calming pills.

gtg now ppl, tutor is here.

yip wan ling get ur ass back here.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

awwww u cut ur hair today! u look terribly cuteeeeeeeeeeee. =D

ok, now come hug me. =)


Sunday, July 12, 2009

10th MIFB yday was aight, food, booze, bla bla bla

with serene, ram, fia and renee

ben, fia, renee, serene and mr cute susu

and not forgetting, booze. I did not drink a sip at all. =)

AHAHA! look at su! so cute, acting innocent =P

and after that, renee wanted to go home, so Mr Supandy gentleman went home as well to accompany renee. Wish you were there sue!

And then we headed down to bukit bintang BABY! whuuhu! Look what half cup of beer did to serene. HAHAHA!

im just kidding, its not the booze, its the weather. excuse me we're dressed up so formal looking under the hot sun. So serene used ur blazer as an umbrella instead. =)

First thing we did when we reached pv was, MAKAN. (after food fair still got space for an actual lunch! AWESOME! )

after that, what else can u do other than eat in pv?


poor guys cant really walk around when fia, serene and i walked into ladies shoe shop =P

and of course, we walked around pv for hours, total up together its around 12 hours, the whole day seeing each other. =D

jalan jalan sampai letih, looked for some place to crash, we laugh, we chat, we were so noisy in that resto.

haha! she was saying about how she had a bad dream, then fia told her that she would definitely call her mom if she dreamt bout stuff like that, and so she quickly called her dad.

" Dad, i last night i dreamt that u guys were murdered" *i know, terrible right?*

" oh.............. where are you now?"


camera shy.

and then we walked around pv, AGAIN. After that, all of us crashed into ben's ride and cops...

...and we parted ways. But before that, i stopped by at paolo's joint. We had a quick chat. Nice to see a smile on you dude.

Its been a tiring yet a crazy ass heck of a day

thank you ben for everything.

oh btw, tmrw briefing for ind training. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE =P

Shud i go back there? or move on to other places?

ciao ciao.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i finally watched the much hyped robot movie yesterday with ben. Transformers laaaa. Ended around 10pm. THANK YOU Ben for the movie. No other peoples ben, my architect ben =D Cause, angie has another friend with BEN. And yes! we shall proceed with PUBLIC ENEMIES with my parttime lover, JOHNNY!!!! JOHNNY!!!

Ah yes....today.....*cheeky smile*

DUDE!!! i was late for my 1st Purchasing and cost control class!! Luckily, mr boon boon didnt mention anything about it, went in quietly, took my seat with Secretary and Jia Yee.

After class, the secretary wanted to go see the new campus coming up soon and tried to take some pics but failed. Haha. After that, we proceed to a massage centre near Mentari. rm36 for an hour what do u think? Expensive? Jia yee instead got a back massage. =)

And then lehhhhhhhhh....

MALAT PAN MIN with angie! whuuhuu! syiok! still the best is in the one around Angsana.
Hmmm, tmrw is P.A class with ms laybee.

Ms Yip Wan Ling, i have not seen you for ages! Where art thou???!!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

finally here.

these were before the term break, just before my long absence. Ting Ting (Kean Hong) dh32g3 will miss u so much. Bring back home some good looking guys for me. =D

And not forgetting, Congrats to BDH28b.

all my babies are all grown up. =(

And during the night time, bbq at Alvins crib.

the shy couple, markie mark and katherine.

and not forgetting Mr. Doulet Sergaziyev. The craziest one that night. Threw almost everyone into the pool.

For that 2weeks, i poured in blood, sweat (yuck) , tears into this bloody property. No doubt i will miss that place. Met good people and BAD BAD BAD people. So you i can most definitely say i learnt lots of things there.

i saw weird stuff and some REALLY good stuff by the way.

watch closely...and i leave it up to u guys to do the thinking. =)

and the REALLY good stuff was... =)

college is starting tomorrow. So peace ya'll.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

its time to revive this place again.

Working with Paolo and the gang has never been so stressful,knowledgable, tiring, fun for me.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can really notice a HUGE difference AFTER WanLing attends english courses and her post on how she blogs BEFORE the english lessons.



Friday, June 12, 2009


after next weeks final assessment, i can finish up my book and get some NICE SLEEP. Finally.
Sigh, Chun Cher is leaving on the 10th july for australia. 2weeks of break, i have to look for a parttime job. Richard! any news yet?! He's working in BarItalia. Sounds fun. =)

Before anything else for today's post,
Pics from the Fest Court Metrage de Taylor's 11062009(for the very last time in LCS)

This poster is created by Mr Adrian Yao Yong Tat, who happen to be our moral and Thinking Skills lecturer. He gave us a couple of weeks to prepare the video on "Breaking the Silence" on AIDS. Partly it is to spread the message and create awareness among the community.

By the time it was 5, the results is out . BUT before that, again, Mr Adrian actually talked bout it, asked us overall how it went, the groups effort, strong competition yada yada yada.

mr adrian is on your right side,(quite cute right? =P) the dude on the left hand side, you are looking at the current BEST MALE ACTOR 09 in short film. haha.

The posters that are competeting are behind Mr Adrian. View from the far back.

My blog of course i put MY OWN POSTER LA! =D

and this poster with some white rose won. =.= But anyway congrats for winning Best Poster. I aint no sore loser.blek.

Winner for Best Short Film?

Guess who i saw in the Auditorium? Lim Tau Sian. =) he was wearing jeans.blek
I wanted to take a whole load more of pics la, but phone something wrong la macha. Christine Teo won best actress.=) Dont leave DH32 christine! Sigh.

Whereelse today, we have thinking skills class presentation. Its a blackbox challenge. Mr Adrian challenged our thinking skills by making us how to convince him to buy a toilet brush. Silly? It takes effort guys. . It was a damn tensed moment, i just wanted to faint, partly because our group is the 1st group to be presenting. Leif and I strut our stuff and blew ur socks off =P

While waiting for the elevator to the Annexe

And for sure he ended up purchasing our PRODUCT. Way to go guys. Job well done. =D

So thats for today folks, gtg hit the sack boi'z and girls. Good night and good luck. Wish me luck for ME exams.